Month: September 2013

Lacrosse the Nations: The Scoop for Loot Fundraising Campaign

Promising young lacrosse player Clifford “Cliff” Kigar dedicates time and effort to fundraising and supporting Lacrosse the Nations. In addition to his fundraising page, Cliff Kigar organized a group of youth tournament referees who donated their ref pay in support of the organization.

In 2012, the Scoop for Loot fundraising campaign raised more than $44,000, an amount that is dedicated to serving humanitarian causes both in the United States and in Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Coordinated by Lacrosse the Nations, the campaign encourages lacrosse players to solicit donations from supporters both online and offline. Donations can take form as a fixed amount or can be associated with the number of team ground balls that are picked up in the course of a game. The game is chosen in advance by the player responsible for fundraising. Lacrosse the Nations has a comprehensive fundraising platform developed online, allowing all pledges and donations to be completed before the game begins.

Causes supported by the Scoop for Loot include salaries for lacrosse coaches and support staff in the United States, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica, as well as scholarships for staff training and development, healthy snacks and meals, and funds for expenses incurred during field trips.