LtN Offers Access to Physical Extracurricular Activities in Costa Rica

Lacrosse the Nations pic
Lacrosse the Nations

During his time at Olentangy High School in Lewis Center, Ohio, Clifford (Cliff) Kigar established himself as the school’s all-time leading scorer in lacrosse. Cliff Kigar continued his lacrosse career at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and remains involved with the sport through his support of Lacrosse the Nations (LtN).

Lacrosse the Nations (LtN) began in 2009 with a goal of improving the lives of children around the world through the sport of lacrosse. Expanding its services in 2012, LtN established a program in Playa Potrero, Costa Rica, where local students previously lacked access to extracurricular activities of the athletic variety. Thanks to LtN intervention, however, the children of Playa Potrero now enjoy daily physical education classes as well as an after-school lacrosse program open to students of all ages.

In an effort to provide further extracurricular options to children, LtN has partnered with Abriendo Mentes (AM), a Costa Rican nonprofit dedicated to enhancing employment and educational opportunities. After the successful introduction of its program in Playa Potrero, the organization has developed plans to expand to a nearby high school, through which LtN would reach an additional 500 students.


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