NCAA Considers Rule to Prohibit Early Recruitment of Top Talent


Clifford (Cliff) Kigar is an accomplished lacrosse player who is committed to competing at a very high level. College recruiters are targeting top talent like Cliff Kigar, sometimes as early as the player’s ninth-grade year.

In December 2015, the Intercollegiate Men’s Lacrosse Coaches Association (IMLCA) voted to the NCAA to prohibit the recruitment of players until the beginning of their junior year. This is because of a growing trend with college recruiters courting players at very young ages. Specifically in lacrosse, players attend elite camps when they are in the 7th or 8th grade. It is at these camps that club coaches send talent reports to colleges indicating rising stars. In turn, the colleges are reaching out to these players and offering them college packages.

This practice has caused some players to make commitments to colleges before they even start high school. Many feel that these types of decisions should not be made at such young ages, as it causes player distractions and puts them in difficult positions. Oftentimes, these players change their minds about where they want to go to school or if they want to play collegiate lacrosse. Ultimately, many consider it improper to target talent at such young ages. The IMLCA’s recent proposal to the NCAA has the potential to halt early recruitment and allow freshmen and sophomores focus on their current high school careers instead of a potential college one.


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