About Cliff Kigar

Cliff Kigar, a freshman at Olentangy High School in Lewis Center, Ohio, utilizes his natural athleticism as an attackman on the junior varsity lacrosse team. Mr. Kigar will play his first high school lacrosse match this spring. His older brother plays as an attackman on the high school’s varsity team; competing against him and his friends helped Cliff Kigar develop the tenacity and competitiveness needed to compete in the full-contact sport.

Prior to joining his high school squad, Cliff Kigar played lacrosse at Shanahan Middle School. During the 2011 season, his team won the Division 3 State Championship after posting an 11-4 record. In addition to his positions on school-sponsored teams, Mr. Kigar honed his lacrosse skills with several local clubs. In the past three years, he played as an attackman with the Liberty Iroquois and Resolute Lacrosse based in Columbus, Ohio. He will join the Haymakers Lacrosse Club for the summer 2012 season. In order to maintain his involvement in the sport nearly year-round, he joins the Columbus Lacrosse Club for the winter season.

In addition to his primary sport, lacrosse, Cliff Kigar runs with the cross-country team. He recently posted a personal best of 20:10 for the 5,000-meter off-road race. As cross country is a fall sport, he uses the season to stay in shape for the winter, spring, and summer lacrosse seasons. He is also a former recreational league football player.

In addition to his team-oriented, athletic pursuits, Cliff Kigar enjoys playing the guitar, sailing, ice boating, fishing, and skim boarding.


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